The Bright Room


The Bright Room is a home based Math tuition center set up in 2014.

The centre is located within the heartlands of Tiong Bahru, specifically located at Kim Tian Road.

It is set up, to provide the essential expertise, close guidance and care that many students need but are not able to receive through many schools and tuition centres. At The Bright Room, students experience real learning in an air-conditioned room (with a good view at 23rd floor) equipped with a tv and whiteboard, at a comfortable pace!

Tuitions are carried out in small groups to enable lessons to be more customisable and effective. My low tuition fees are set in a way to make learning assessible for everyone. Lessons are prepared and normally follow a 36-40 lessons plan in a full year.

Tuitions available :

Sec 2 to Sec 4 (Emath and Amath)

JC 1 and JC2 (H1 and H2)


The Founder


I am Jinsha, the founder of The Bright Room.

I had taught in Chung Cheng High School (Main) for 5 years before leaving service to teach tuition full time. It was at the peak (hopefully not the only one!) of my career, leading an entire class consisting of a wide range of average to high ability students to 5 distinctions and above, before I decided it was time to go. I was also a level coordinator for Additional Math, Chairperson for my school’s welfare committee and Chief Presiding Examiner at St Patrick’s School for GCE ‘O’ Levels in June 2014.

Why did I leave service?

I love my job, students and colleagues. I still keep in touch with them. The hard work and times that we have been through together is a memory that every educator cherish. It keeps us going, knowing that every effort and time we put in together, for the students, for the future, will be well spent. We try our best to help students achieve good grades. But most importantly, we guide students to be good people. Education nurtures students into useful adults and it takes time. I needed more time to create more useful, interesting material which can engage, motivate students to understand Math in a more intrinsic way! So with a heavy heart, I left school in 2015 to focus solely on teaching, creating materials and research. Things have been good so far, with me being more able to help students on a more individual level!

Some of my past glories:

Graduated from NIE in 2010 with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Mathematics)

Graduated from NUS in 2006 with a Degree in Science (Applied Mathematics) with Merit.

Graduate from  JC Further Mathematics (A), Core Mathematics (A) and Core Mathematics Special Paper (Merit).

Top in cohort for Further Mathematics and second in Core Mathematics in JC1.

Graduated with a raw score of 9 for ‘O’ levels. Top student in Combined Science during his Prelims.

Tutoring Approach


I adopt a wide range of teaching strategies to facilitate learning in a variety of ways for the development of conceptual understanding, critical thinking, heuristics and problem solving skills. These include direct instructions, guided learning, investigative approach, problem-based learning, etc. The type of strategies to be adopted depends greatly on the content to be taught, followed by the abilities and interests of students. Lessons are customised pre-lesson and adapted during lessons according to these needs.

Teaching Resources

At TBR, the understanding of mathematical concepts and its application is an integral part of my Mathematics programmes. The notes that I develop, equips our students with the competency in handling unfamiliar or complex mathematical problems. Specially prepared notes are provided to facilitate learning and discussions. Higher order thinking questions are available to provide cognitive challenge for students. A variety of resources, including past years school examination papers and GCE O-Level examination reviews, are also availabe to highlight to students the wide variety of challenging problems, and to correct misconceptions and mistakes made by students. My tuition room has the necessary equipments to facilitate teaching and provide for a conducive learning environment; 43″ LED tv, whiteboard, flashcards, etc.