How To Start Your Revision?


  • Target setting
    • Before you start, what is revision if you do not have a target? The first step towards getting good grades is setting targets. Use your past results. Observe a trend in your results. Set a realistic long term, followed by short term goals.


  • Create a revision schedule
    • An often overlooked aspect of the grand revision plan. From the targets you had set, look at the amount of content you have to cover and estimate how much time you need for each subject. Create your plan!
    • A revision schedule guides you in knowing how long you have to study for a subject. It is the guiding light/special forces that you need each day, to tell you what to study and “you have to study”!
    • As much as you try, you will never be able to 100% follow a revision plan. A revision schedule can be flexible, with buffers/allowances for you to shift your plans around while still being able to accomplish what you need.
    • If you are studying for long periods, have a 10-15mins break every 45mins.


  • Always have all your notes and formulas with you for starting revision
    • This greatly aids in speeding up your revision, providing hints that you may have overlooked, and simply preventing inertia to look for help when you really need to solve!


I have included a set of Target Setting and Revision Plan so that you don’t have to spend time on creating one.

Hope it helps!

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