Group Tuition

Math Group Tuition


Group Size

  • About 4  students

Types of Lessons:

  • Standard lessons (Foundation) – Basic concepts are taught and demonstrated. Students are guided.
  • Exam focused – Concepts are summarised. Students will be efficiently taught on the various types of exam questions that will be asked.
  • Higher Order Thinking – Advanced questions will be presented to students. Specially crafted guiding questions by Mr Tan will help students develop critical thinking skills and ability to solve problems independently in the future.

How will Group Tuition be carried out?

  • Lesson is customised according student’s abilities.
  • Each lesson begins with a short, concise explanation of a concept, coupled with some examples.
  • Students will be guided on their first example.
  • Once completed, students will be assigned questions with varying difficulties (according to their abilities) so as to enhance learning.
  • Students’ progress will be tracked for every lesson.

What is good about my Math Tuitions?

  • Get tutored by a dedicated and experienced ex-MOE teacher who has an excellent record! More than 90% students improved their results after joining. A reliable tutor who works more than a teacher; assigns the right amount of good, focused questions for homework while not overloading students. Collects and mark homework for prompt feedback to students. All these in a positive learning environment supported by good resources created by myself.
  • Focus on concepts. Also, pick up critical problem solving skills that will make you an independent problem solver.
  • Always be prepared for exams. Tons of exam-type questions and worksheets of various difficulties available for you to practise on. And it’s free of charge!
  • Regular updates  on students’ progress. Small tuition group at affortable tuition fees.

Tuition Schedule and Fees

  • Click here for the latest 2017 schedule and tuition fees.
  • Call Jinsha/Mr Tan @ 97713093 to discuss how I can help your child to improve his/her Math grades!